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First of all.... AWESOME plugin!!!

although, i have a few problems with the loop.
I'm creating a website for a Racing Team, and there is a page where it lists the drivers for a certain car. The loops works fine, but the loop rows labels are not clear, because they have all the same name:
- Driver
- Driver
- Driver

Would it be possible to rename the labels like:
- Driver 1
- Driver 2
- Driver 3

Or even better, using a certain value of one of the rows, for example, Drivers Name:
- John
- Steven
- William

Second, the row delete button should have a warning when activated, something like "do you want to delete this field?"
Because, if you press the delete button by mistake... it's gone, and you have to insert the data all over again.


2 Answers

Good suggestions, thanks!

1. Loop UI enhancements: [https://github.com/logikal16/custom-field-suite/pull/65](https://github.com/logikal16/custom-field-suite/pull/65)

2. Dynamic loop row titles: [https://github.com/logikal16/custom-field-suite/issues/74](https://github.com/logikal16/custom-field-suite/issues/74)